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Board of Directors
Mr. Yasser Elkady

First Deputy to the Minister of Investment

Arab Republic of Egypt



In September 2009, Yasser ElKady was appointed to the position of First Deputy to the Minister of Investment in Egypt, responsible for national transformational projects and for leading the drive to attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Since the Minister, Dr. Mahmoud Mohieldin, recruited him to His Excellency’s team, Yasser has been playing an instrumental role in executing the plan to achieve US$10 billion in FDI by the end of 2010. He also oversees the complete Ministry portfolio, including all 142 publicly owned companies and the financial non-banking activities such as the stock exchange.

To support his role for the Ministry, Yasser was also appointed as a board member for the General Authority for Investment (GAFI), the principal government body regulating and facilitating investment in Egypt.

Since 2007, Yasser has also been a board member in the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), which builds the capacities of local IT companies and aims to grow a qualified, sustainable and deployable talent pool. A year later, Yasser joined the Advisory Board for the Minister of Communications and IT, Dr. Tarek Kamel, to use his industry expertise to develop the national innovation strategy and the IT industry development roadmap for Egypt. Today, Yasser is also a board member in Credit Agricole Egypt.

Prior to holding these positions, Yasser established and grew the business of Cisco Systems in Egypt and the Middle East region over a period of ten years.  He took on the role of general manager for Egypt back in 1999, when the business in Egypt was worth US$ 55 million. At that time, Yasser built the organization from the ground up and designed a strategy to align Cisco Systems with the Egyptian government’s vision for CIT development. 

He then took over the region, growing it from a US$256 million business to US$320 million in three years. Moving on to become General Manager for North Africa and the Levant, Yasser’s role at Cisco Systems not only achieved revenue growth and expansion, but he was instrumental in building relationships with the regional governments to enhance IT skills and develop talent. His work extended to three major national programs: Egypt Education Initiative (EEI), the Jordan Education Initiative (JEI) and the Egypt Competency Center (ECC). Both the EEI and JEI, which were proposed by Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers, helped foster technology-led reforms and IT learning in schools through public/private partnerships.  The ECC – the region’s first and largest e-learning centre – is a major contributor to the education of new generations of highly skilled IT workers.

After earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronics and Data Communications Engineering from Cairo University, Yasser received a degree in computer design from California, USA.

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